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If you are using pumps, then they are critical to your business and they are costing too much to own and run.  They often fail early and unexpectedly and are a high consumer of power.

We have people attending these courses from all industries who are working with pumps. This includes:

Job Roles

Course delegates come from all job roles where people are working with pumps; from design and pump selection through to operations, maintenance, reliability and troubleshooting.

A designer does a very different job to an operator or maintenance fitter, however we all need the same base knowledge on pumps in order to do our job well.  The aim at every stage of the process from design and installation through to operations and maintenance should be to have reliable equipment.

Attendees job roles include:

Why Attend

Improve Reliability

Poor pump reliability is a huge problem in all industries.  There are many reasons why pumps fail early.  The root cause of a failure may come from; the system design, the piping set-up, the pump selection, the installation, the operation, the mechanical construction or from previous maintenance.

Pumps are not rocket science, but there is a lot to learn and many things that have to be done correctly if we want reliable equipment.

Unfortunately, people tend to cut corners and believe that ‘near enough is good enough’. Near enough is not good enough when it comes to pumps.  There are many things to do correctly and it only takes one thing to be done poorly and you will have an early failure.

Reduce Power Consumption

Did you know that you usually spend more money on electricity (or diesel) in one year than you spent buying the pump?  

Assuming a cost of electricity of 20 cents/, one pump drawing 10 kW costs $17,520 per year in electricity.  For many industries that’s a very small pump.  A pump drawing 500 kW will cost $876,000 in electricity in one year.

Many organisations do not track these costs and make the mistake of spending far more money on power than they really need to.  Often a minor tweak to the system design could reduce these costs considerably, as would better pump selection and better control methods.

Our training courses are designed to address these issues.  Train your staff and reap the benefits through more reliable equipment and lower power consumption.  Training is an investment in creating an efficient and effective organisation.  Stop wasting so much money on your pumps.

Why Strategic Achievement

Strategic Achievement is owned and run by Glenn Rogers.

Glenn Rogers has worked in the pump industry for more than 28 years.  His experience has included senior roles in pump selection and application, system review, pump troubleshooting, contract/project management, sales and marketing and quality assurance.

Glenn has previously worked for a major pump manufacturer and has been working as Strategic Achievement for over 18 years. He runs pump and system training courses throughout Australia and South East Asia on a regular basis and has run courses in South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Indonesia, Laos, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand.

His focus is on improving pump reliability and avoiding problems.

He has been running these courses in Australia for over 18 years. In that time more than 7,500 people have attended his training sessions held in 11 different countries.  Most clients repeatedly send along new staff to the courses.

Clients have included:  Yarra Valley Water, South East Water, Sydney Water, Queensland Urban Utilities, Water Corporation, SA Water, North East Water, Gippsland Water, Wingecarribie Shire Council, Eurobodalla Shire Council, Goldenfields Water, Woodside, ConocoPhillips, BP, Santos, ExxonMobil, BHP, Rio Tinto, Fortescue Metals, Glencore, Newmont, Queensland Alumina, Orica, Ixom, Xylem, Weir Minerals, Sulzer, KSB Australia, WorleyParsons, Jacobs, GHD, Aurecon, Arup, AGL, Origin and many more.

Glenn also spent many years working with Singaporean and Malaysian companies on Strategy Development and Implementation.  He therefore has a clear understanding of the need to make sure training has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Course Description

Day 1 – Pumping Fundamentals                 Day 2 - Advanced Pumping

Concise practical training, tailored to generate immediate benefits.

Pumps are a major capital cost item, a key reliability problem and consume huge amounts of energy.  For most companies the costs of owning and running pumps are much higher than they should be.  A shortage of general knowledge on how to apply, specify, install and operate pumping equipment is the major reason for these high costs.  These training courses are designed to address this


Upon completing the courses delegates will be able to:

reliable equipment

or in series - why it only sometimes works

will ensure you have a reliable pump

Download a course brochure for the full course outline.

Download Course Brochure